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Work in Progress

Publications in Preparation


Gates of Memory: Political Memories and Migration in Australia
I am currently preparing my doctoral dissertation for publication as a monograph.

Politische Erinnerung: Zur Kritik des 'kollektiven Gedächtnisses'
In this manuscript, which is currently in preparation, I critically reconstruct Maurice Habwachs' concept of 'collective memory' and from there, develop concepts of political memory that incorporate remembering in broader social and political contexts.

Edited Volumes

Currently, I am in the early stages of editing two books with Jochen Oltmer. One will be a German language book on the history of Asylum in Germany. The other will be an English language volume on policies and experiences of Political Asylum in Europe. They will be published in 2014 or 2015.

Articles and Book Chapters

A Political Body of two Memories: Creating the Australian Commonwealth from an Empire and a Nation
Currently under review.

A History of Two Memories, or: How Australia Day Became a Commemoration of Immigration
Chapter will be translated into French for a volume published by Presses Universitaires François Rabelais and edited by Marianne Amar, Hélène Bertheleu and Laure Teulières.